wild/free camping spots in the island?


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last summer, with the non-clubbing season we had, tons of people came to ibiza with their furgonetas and a few of the 'choice' spots were filled with vans.
The big boom started on summer 2018, when there was articles about it on the press on a regular basis. I remember stopping at Cala Mastella (where the kiosk is, not the restaurant bit) for a late afternoon swim to find out they had to close with a barrier the parking area so no vans would park there at night, leaving just enough space to turn around the car and leave. I also remember seeing that summer vans parked in the countryside everywhere, for example in Pou des Lleó along the road between the restaurant Salvadó and the tower there was LOTS of them. No big deal you'll think... problem is those lands have owners and as soon as they find out the guardia civil is there ready to fine them.

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^ ^ Same thing at Cala Martina, loads of permanent vans. Couldn't get booked into the camp there I suppose :rolleyes:
A barrier was put across the track that leads down to Chirincana.


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They are more van in ibiza now than in the last 10-15 years you mean ?
because in the past they were lot of them especially in the north if I remember well ...
and lots of people sleeping on the beach almost everywhere , lots less now it’s seem..
I spent 1 year in Australia living in a camper van in 2008 driving all around the country , also in Latin America and Asia ..not because I didn't have money but for the life style and to be free ..
never done it in ibiza as everything are more complicated and always been to ibiza for work or on holiday but not for long period . Not on the same mind as well.. when you work long hours and you party hard , have a flat is a good option 🙂
But slept many times on the beach with friends , especially when they were some full moon party or goa trance rave , or just with 2,3 friends around a fire ..( always with not too too many people except one time , always lot of fun and kept very good memories of those night ..
Imo it’s nice that this live still exist in ibiza ,in the past they were much more people living this life and lot less sleeping in 5 stars hotel ( not sure they were one 5 stars 😜) keeping the balance and not just focusing on Vip is the way ...

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If anyone's interested I've got 1 free night's camping (we won't be using) to give away at the Punta Arabi site on any date from Sept 1 onwards, c/o Decathlon
points. The voucher has my name on it but I *think* it can be transferred.