Wifi in Jet Apartments PDB

Not sure about Jet. Garbi Hotel (a block or two away) definitely has Wifi in all public areas including the bar.
funkafe turn left out of apts as though you was going to space.say on the beach side.a few mts on the left side is a side street.at the end is funkafe.jet will not have wifi cause they is cafes underneath.i would not take laptop if you staying in jet.i think the funkafe offer free internet if you buy a drink.
yes like i say don;t take your laptop.over the years i have seen steal fencing put round ground floors.and you can easy get into other rooms by just climbing over a small wall.
cool u have reminded me of asking not 2 stay on ground floor. my m8 last summer stayed in prague i think and middle night him&miss's in da bed. 3 dudes with knifes came in window on robbed them of everything.. so thanks m8 no ground floor buzz for me