Wifi / Data SIM Card Options


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Hello - From reading online reviews, it seems like the wifi in Ibiza (hotels/beach) is pretty much useless!

I will be traveling (coming from UK/Amsterdam) and looking for some advice on a good SIM card to purchase while I'm in Europe. I'm most interested in data and great rates!

All recommendations/suggestions welcome! Thank you!
If you are coming from the uk with a uk phone you can use your contract phone data roaming charges have been scrapped with in the eu
Thanks, @discodotty - Actually coming from Canada routing through UK/Amsterdam... I have an unlocked phone - was planning to pick up a UK sim card. You suggest this would suffice?
If in the UK, grab one of these


They do an £20 data sim that gives you unlimited data. Roaming too. You may have to get a UK friend to get it for you tho, as you may struggle if you don't have a UK address
Iirc from my Giffgaff email, you only get free Europe roaming (as if you was in the uk) if you've been using it in the uk for a few months.
So probably best just pick up local SIM instead.
Moviestar is one of baddesr provider, it never worked with my cellphone & some bloke did zgree with me
coming back end july i got 3gb data a month now:cool:
it was not the case for opening as i ve just change provider through offer 1gb paid with bone x 10 , last week

i paid orande simcard 2gb 20€, even using wifi to upload video, itwas nearly empty tje last to second week, surfing was slow so i relaod it 2 gb for 15€ & quiet a mess as the salesman didnt told me i had to call to activitate relaod my simcard even i gave him the money to do all the stuff.

vodaphone expensive

lebara cheaper but bad ntwork

35€ for 4gb, now i dont need spain simcard anymore with the new european policies that include europe in offers, since 1 week

Kfc u got free wifi without code same for steak & shake at bora
You said Amsterdam, not sure if Dutch but if so - new EU regulations dont apply to international calls when using a Dutch SIM.
You'll be charged international-call rates when calling / texting. Not sure if this applies to Dutch numbers only or EU as a whole.
So best to pick up a new SIM in Spain. I recommend Lebara. Never had a problem.
Personally I use 3 and have never had problems when travelling. All comes from your normal monthly allowance so you use your phone like you would normally.
Leave your smartphone at home (or at least in your hotel room). Buy a cheap phone for making calls and texting to carry about if you have to be able to contact people. Then relax and enjoy yourself. And you won't lose your iPhone, or have it pick pocketed.