Why Ibiza?


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I have led a truly blessed life to this point, and for that I am grateful. I have had the opportunity to live abroad and travel extensively in very interesting places, however no place has grabbed me quite like Ibiza, and I have had no other obsession quite as constant. I have never in my life thought so much about a place, talked about a place (or joined a forum to collectively obsess). There has hardly been a day in the past 15 years that I have not thought about the place. This year has been especially hard, as my masochistic-self bought my flight 11 months in advance.

At times I am prone to critical self reflection, and this obsession baffles me on many levels. I will try to write out my thoughts here to see if I can solve the riddle and give myself some peace on the matter.

I really can’t explain it. I have had friends and family members visit the island, and while they left with a positive impression, they did not end up as zealous as me. Fortunately, my wife has caught the bug as well and wants to continue visiting the island, or I might have ended up resentful. Honestly, a difference of opinion on this might have undermined our marriage in some way over the long term. Also, my enthusiasm is tempered due to distance, as I cannot justify such an expensive trip on a regular (even annual) basis.

Currently in the Caribbean, I live in an archipelago of islands that claim some of the most beaches on earth, where the water can be bathtub calm and nearly as warm in summer. I am a child of sun and of the beach, not of the (late) night, and so I am generally content with the beaches near my home. Also, the limited nightlife that can be had here typically satisfies my needs. The beaches in Ibiza are nice, but a lot less sandy and the water is a bit on the cold side (for me), even in summer. However 9 times of 10, I would trade a day on the beach there in the summer for one here. I can say the same thing about going for a drive, a stroll in town, or having lunch/dinner out.

One could say that it’s some “vacation effect”, as in the reluctance to let go of your worries when you are away from home, just not thinking about work or the myriad of errands or annoyances that crop up in a western adult life. I try to console myself with that, but I think something else is going on.

Also, I am only a moderate drinker and occasionally hit MJ, so it is not that I am on extended emotional high triggered by MDMA or similar substance. I would understand associating the island with that feeling if I did experiment with those while I was there.

When I search my feelings and correlate with others similar, it’s almost a sexual attraction to the place. As I dig deeper, I think it’s the sun and the mass of people.

When I say sun, keep in mind that even in most of the US, we are at lower latitude than most of Western Europe. During the summer, the sun typically sets well after 8/9pm, were as in the tropics the sun sets at about 7:30 at the latest. The sun is more intense but the day is shorter. Starting in about April even black people, need to watch our exposure or we get burned. In Ibiza the sun is “mas suave” and I personally can stay out all day. I think everyone gets an extra dose of vitamins and endorphins, putting all in a better mood. Nudity is also more permitted in Spain and Ibiza than the Caribbean (in general), so I believe that full exposure may help. I also think the sight of exposed bodies probably subconsciously impacts social primates like us. Personally, I seek nudity while I am on-island. I like the way it feels and I feel more of a connection to the outside and the other nudist around me (even though w are strangers, keep personal space and typically do not speak). It feels more “right”.

I also think the huge influx of young people, all under the "vacation effect" brings a certain sexual energy to the island that is atypical. Most resort towns do not have such a massive influx, where the invading youth so overwhelms for such a long period of time. In the US, we have university “spring break” but that peaks within a 3-4 week period, and the resort always resumes its couples/families activity after the horny drunken hordes disappear. Most people know not to book their beach travel in late March through mid April. In Ibiza, the influx of youth is for the entire summer season, and it corresponds with the overall family/couple season. I think everyone else feeds off the residual orgiastic residue via pheromones and visually. It also helps that generally the youth are in a good mood thanks to the aforementioned MDMA and other similar cocktails. All are more relaxed and open.

And finally, Es Vedra…. It's mother earth’s engorged magnetic clit.

I always used to define the combination of all the above factors as energy, but sexual energy may be more precise. Perhaps I am just full of it, and oversexed, seeing the world though my own lube-colored goggles. Oh well...

The island seems like a place that changed with me. I went a wild single person, with close calls and interesting (to me) stories. I wish I would have written them down at the time, as they seem like a blur today. We returned as a couple, immediately feeling unburdened and free. We did film our escapades and accounts of the days/nights, but I think this time I will try to put some of my experiences (and reflections) in writing to try to capture the feeling before I leave the island again and the essence fades.

I worry that, as a parent, the place may lose some of its allure, as I am a protector of my wife and boys first and foremost, so I may not be open to the energy of the place.
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