why aren't.........

appartently they offered it to oakie, but under the condition he would be playing almost every week.

He felt he couldn't commit himself to that, so declined the offer. SO underwater stepped in.

All nights at pacha, have the lead names playing every week

Erick on a wednesday, Sanchez on a mon, emmerson/deulexe on a tuesday, Tong on a friday.
Shame really I used to love Perfecto nights, also broke the week up with a bit of Oakie-style trance. This year I find Pacha's line-ups a bit same as, same as :rolleyes:
Your right, the only benifit of no Perfecto nights, is that he is playing ANmesia next week.

I will be there, however am a little worried it might be too full. Anmesia like to pack them in.
i'm gonna be there too!!!! can't wait to see 3 of my favourite DJ's all playign along side each other, tiesto, van dyk and oakie!!! its gonna rock!!!

but your right - its going to be far too busy
hopefully it will empty out a bit in time for PVD and Tiesto,

What u reckon on the line up times I reckon

Danielle davoli