Who's going June/July 09


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I'm heading to Ibiza the last week in June, first week in July. Had a blast last year. Met a number of interesting people. Anyone else heading there this summer?
I'll be out around the same time. We had a spotlighters meeting last year with of the people from this group.
I will be going July 4th, through July 12th. Stayed at the Fiesta Hotel Last year. Heard good things about Hotel Garbi so I thought I'd try there.

I have room for at least 4 people including myself. All American. However, I made contact with some of the individuals I met last year and they will be there during the same time. They're from all over.

We set up meet and greets last year, usually at the Pink Panther in San An. I believe a number of the Spotlighters use that as a mingling place. They're usually on Wed evenings
June 18th to 22nd

Hello all,

Ibiza virgin here and I'm bringing along about 10 others, really cant wait, all the lads are in training for the six packs an extra energy that some of the older guys will need to keep up with the youth.:lol:

Staying at the ES Mitnorf San Antonio, Ive heard that Toni who runs the place is a top guy so im looking forward to a beer with him before we hit the towns bars.:eek:

Anyone else there at the same time give me a SHOUT!!!
hiya im comin out with a mate june 18th - june 25th...both Ibiza virgins! no idea where to stay.. will probli end up sleepin on the beach! arghh any ideas guysss?
6 Lads from Birmingham! booked for 1 week from the 19th July at the Hotel Pacific!!! 2nd time in ibiza this years gonna be even bettter!!!! see ya thereeeeeeee!
I'll be there for three weeks in June with a couple of newbie friends from June 12 - July 1st. :)

In PDB once again. Three week of WLS and Cocoon to look forward to. :spank:
Hi PhilipJ! Me and my BF will be at PdB from 1st July (tentative yet). we have heard also a good things about Garbi Hotel and thinking of stying there too. If everything will go well would be clag to catch up there. We are really geting ecstatic about our trip from now :lol::twisted::lol:
I'll be there from july 6th for a week or two.. staying in san an. From San Diego, California... would like to meet up with some people, as this is my first time!