Who won this year's Pacha DJ Awards?

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(reche - best ibiza dj)
Thanks McRackin, and the results are as follow:

Best House DJ: Morillo
Best Tech-House, Progressive DJ: Steve Lawler
Best Techno DJs: Sven Vath & Jim Masters
Best Ibiza DJ: Reche
Best International DJ: Jeff Mills
Best Newcommers: Junior Jack & Kid Creme
Best HipHop, R&B & Garage DJ: Tim Westwood
Set Of The Season: Deep Dish
Best Ibiza Night: Manumission
Best Ibiza Bar: Base Bar
Outstanding Contribution: Cream
Outstanding Achievement: Maxima FM
Outstanding Dedication: Pepe Rosello

What happened to the 'Best Trance DJ' category?? ;)

They're not pushing any boudaries at all! Booking Tiesto and PVD is a way to cash in on mainstream clubbers - hardly cutting edge!

Outstanding contribution indeed! I think it's political and they feel they have to give the award to someone different every year.

Pah! Award ceremonies = bollox!
The Base Bar? Come on. Has the world gone mad? My garage is a better venue. Pretentious crap!
Who votes for this???? Does anyone vote for it or is it Pacha/Space cronnies who dish out awards to themselves with a promise that everyone will get an award one day?

Cynical......Well just a little!
Last year whilst in Ibiza I bought the DJ Awards CD which had all the tracks which were in the running for the award. I expected the CD to be mixed, which it wasn't and generally the choice of tunage was crap.