Who was dj sunday night at space?????


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First off just got back yesterday from greatest 5 days ever. truly unreal. We love space is so appropriately named...however we walked into the second room (not main room) sunday night around 430 and couldnt stop dancing!!! who was that long blond hair dj that threw down trancey house?!?!? was seriously unreal. please someone help me out! thanks!
How was carl craig? saw him at glade festival and he totally destroyed it Big room , epic techno all the way
I thought Craig was good to start, but I got bored after an hour and went outside for Steve Lawler :confused:

Liam - texted you and was going to stop by Pacha for a bit as I was in Ibiza Town, but went back to PdB when I didn't here back! Did you make it over? How was it?
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