Who wants to meet up 28th July-4th Aug?



:D Hello..Me and the bloke are heading out on the morning flight from Man, hope there's no lairy beer monsters on!! Looking to meet up with any Spotlighters for a mad time..I've took the trouble of hiring a car for the week..no queuing at the disco bustop on a morning for me!! So you could be in for a free lift!! Staying in San An..would be great to meet some new pals!! :lol:
Hey Tinkerbell - You should come down to Bora Bora on the 28th in the afternoon (1 -4pm I think) and look out for any dancing fools with armbands on - that will be us! Otherwise we'll be at Space that night again with the armbands if we haven't lost them by that stage!

See you then!
we'll hit Ibiza on 28th but our flight arrives only at 5.30/6 pm so we can't be @ bora bora meeting.....

if any1 wanna meet up pm me

we're 5 boys from italy(20,21,22 y.o)
Chances are we will still be there at that time anyway! Otherwise if there are enough people intersted, we could meetup later in the evening, before going to Space. Otherwise just go to Space and look out for us on the terrace!
8) Thanks for the replies!! Will try and make it to Bora Bora..If not will be at Space..Where can I get an armband?? :?: Look out for me..I'll be the one with the pale looking boyfriend!! Hope we all get to meet up at some point..start a bit of a convention.. :lol:
Were leaving from Glasgow on the 26th.

Bora Bora on the Sunday sounds good.........just see what happens from there!!!

NICE!!! :D
I will be there on the 28th as well, and also would like to know where I can acquire the illustrious armband.

I am going to be there on the 28th too and I think that we should have leopard skin armbands. If u don't have an armband get a felt pen and write "IS" for Ibiza Spotlight on some conspicuous part of your bod. Be creative!
I've had great difficulty finding an armband anywhere and will probably end up with either a bandana tied around my arm or something painted on!

Looking forward to putting some faces to names (or faces to usernames anyway!).

Hasta Luego!
:lol: Big Thanks to everyone who has replied to me!! I hope we all get to meet, just wondering..if people cant make it to Bora Bora..how about Space on the night..as its so big and busy what about on the terrace..anyone suggest a time, so we can be in the same area at the same time?? :D
It will probably be hard to arrange a meetup within space but if everyone still has some sort of armband on that would be a good start.

I am there on the 28th so i will try to make it down to to meet you all.

9 days till bliss
I'm in Ibiza from the 23th till the 4th of August, so I try to get to Bora Bora for a cuople of times. I'll be waring a purple bandana on my arm/ head or any other body part that can't stand the sun burning on.

ps: hope my English is to understand. ( have to learn some Spanish too)
hi !

so, 2 day left......we will arrive ibiza saturday morning at 10 am.
ok, our hotel is playa d'en bossa, so we are very near to bora bora.
and then, sunday, between 1-4 pm we will meet us there ?
i hope we recognize us.....
has someone an good idea ?

greetings form germany....

Our plane was delayed, we'll arrive in Ibiza Sunday at 11 pm ....... :rolleyes:
Me and my mates (5 boys and 2 girls) will be in space on the morning of the 28th and are staying there all day and night. If you want a pointless conversation with a group of people who make no sense I am sure we will be very difficult to miss :D .