who up for the last ever Turnmills!

Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by djchewie, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Emma_1983

    Emma_1983 Active Member

    I dont "club" it in London at all really, can be too expensive/tricky for me.
  2. djchewie

    djchewie Active Member

  3. Emma_1983

    Emma_1983 Active Member


    Im poor too.
  4. djchewie

    djchewie Active Member

    get blokie to pay. ;)
  5. Emma_1983

    Emma_1983 Active Member

    Hes just taken a decrease in pay - id feel too awful to make him pay :lol:
  6. djchewie

    djchewie Active Member

    give him a "sweetner"

  7. Emma_1983

    Emma_1983 Active Member


    NITEFLY Active Member

    ah aaaa small town syndrome strikes again:lol:
  9. Ferd

    Ferd Active Member

    Emma, come down for the last Trade! :lol:

    ROBDER, the tickets are on sale, its on the 16th, and im sure they'll sell out pretty quickly, just thought i'd warn you. I've got mine ;)
  10. fatphilb

    fatphilb Well-Known Member

    rumours abound that the reading rooms has been sold for office space

  11. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    Still miss Turnmills! What a club!
  12. Robder

    Robder Active Member

    I know. :(

    London was a different place pre 2008 - that really was the end of an era (and beginning of a new one which in my view hasn't really started yet).

    The last Trade at Turnmills is the best night/morning/day I've ever had in this city.
  13. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    Turnmills was a second home to me 2002-2006. I ran into (Tall) Paul Newman having a beer with a mate of mine over the summer and it brought back some amazing memories.

    How I used the leave there on a Sat/Sun morning and go straight to play football I'll never know
  14. Olly

    Olly No longer active

    it was never as good as the key, the end or fabric (in its heyday) but I liked that backroom with the low drapes off the ceiling and the faith parties there were pretty amazing.

    the staff were a bunch of numpties (ex-Serb paramilitaries I believe) - apart from the old cleaner/glass collector (must've been in his 70s) who used to walk around with earplugs and a massive grin on his face
  15. Robder

    Robder Active Member

    I really liked the long labyrinth-like dance floors which snaked around the club with the same music in each.

    It started off small and kept expanding in different directions, by the end it was ridiculously big.

    Aaah - very sad. :cry:
  16. Robder

    Robder Active Member

    Trade ran rings around all of those. It was a milestone in dance music history - London's Paradise Garage in gay terms.

    The place had a real community feel to it in its day - an almost impossible feat in a city as pretentious as this.
  17. MiniMarc

    MiniMarc Well-Known Member

    I remember going there for the first time , pretty pissed up. The whole club must have been open cos we got totally lost , had no idea where I was and couldnt get a grip on the layout at all. Found it very surreal. Then went back there in a more sober state and it seemed alot smaller
  18. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    Johnny come lately clubs compared to Turnmills those Olly. Tom the head door bod was English, Nico was South African, can't remember what the Scouser (I think) who really ran the security from the back office was called.
  19. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    And I met my lady there at Trade one Sunday morning in 2002. :D
  20. Olly

    Olly No longer active

    I used to get quite lost and could never find people!

    the best party for me was the faith easter weekender in 2006 - Rocky and Ame in the main room, Alfredo at the back (he played rubbish pop - but hey it's Alfredo! In London! and we're munted! so nobody cared), quentin harris on a slightly more soulful tip in the lighter room (let's be young - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah heads down in the dance - pure house music) and Prins Thomas upstairs in the annexe - (a trully stellar cast!)

    the rampling 'farewell' party was NUTS - the way people went for it that night, you'd think it was everyone's last ever night out. It was all about the handover when Frankie made the little speech with Marshall Jefferson house music anthem being teased in over it. and the place went OFFFF. good times :D

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