Who likes it hard????


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Hi all,

Flying out on Friday for a week; not going to bore you with my plans but on the Wednesday is the Lashed opening party with Lisa Lashes (used to see her a lot at GK - the sanctuary, not that new hole) and loved it. Tidy boys too...BAM, BAM, BAM n all that....

Ive never been to eden before, but even tho ive heard its crap, I reckon this night should be worth a look.

What do you lot think?????????
Vath??? (I've shamefully fallen behind the 'clubbing times' recently - to be rectified in 6 days time)

Know what you mean tho Robo, I used to love hard house when I were a younger un', but HH nights always seemed to have 'dark' undertones...too many chemicals to keep up with the beats, leading to severe messiness.

Everyone seemed to be trying a bit too hard to 'have it' without actually appreciating the music and atmosphere (which was forced anyway)

I think i've just talked myself out of that one.
i like hard house. dont like the tidy boys they a bit to bouncy for me. if you expecting Lashes to play like she used to you will be dissapointed. she plays more trance now days. its still hard nut its not HH anymore. ive seen here twice recently and was impressed. When i saw here about a month ago she played Tomcraft - lonliness in her set. :eek:
I used to be into Hard House, but over the past year my taste has driven me towards funky and progressive house and trance. But i'm going to Ibiza August the 23rd till September 6th and my mate is still a hard house fan....And he is obsessed with Cosmic Gate, Who just happen to be playing Judgement Sunday the day after we get there...
Not a massive Hard house fan BUT

your mate is right - Cosmic Gate are cool!
Yeah must admit I have a bit of a soft spot for them...Probably because he owns practically all their vinlys so am always hearing them......Also will probably be going to the Gatecrasher V's Tidy closing party.