who is the best dj and what night should i not miss????



i was wondering who you would all say is the best dj who should not be missed?

is there a specific club event i should not miss?(except sundays at space,i kinda got that one already!!!)

Depends what kind of music you're into.

House - Subliminal on Weds (Erick :D ), Ministry on Thurs, Pacha Pure on Fri, Sanchez on Mon

Trance - Cream on Thurs, Gatecrasher (tbc!) on Tues

Imo if you get the chance to see any of the following do so:

Danny Tenaglia
Danny Krivit
Derick Carter
Terry Hunter
Fatboy Slim
Jon Carter

How's that for starters :D
i agree with everything barbie said......but add steve lawler
one thing not be missed is lawler ripping up the terrace at space!
just read that "except sundays at space"
then definately morillo at pacha, he has a residency here in nyc and has been unreal....also underwater at pacha should be great night, sanchez at pacha is also a safe bet.....really, go to pacha, you cant go wrong.
subliminal at pacha on wednesdays is a must!

-the bloke
The man i'm most looking forward to is PVD, but i love my trance.

Carl Cox is a must tho. That man is amazing. I'm kinda hoping crasher pull out now so i can go and see him instead, and not feel like i'm missing an amazing night.
go see tania vulcano early doors (11am-3pm normally) at DC10 on a monday morning. shes rocks big time!! she normally always wipes the floor with the big guys who can't adapt to the DC10 sound. she plays dirty, lo-slung, percussive, dubby, groovy house.


also check out cocoon club@amnesia. the house terrace has some of the finest house dj's in the world playin. their not household names but are the bollocks (eg. Mr C, steve bug).
will reserve judgement

will reserve judgement dj's for this year for now

get a chance go see slipmat..

for a bit of old skool try de juva at es paradis on sundays
Here's my must nights for when I'll be there in Sept

Sun-Space w/ Steve Lawler
Mon-Pacha w/ Roger Sanchez
Tue-Space w/ Carl Cox
Wed-Pacha w/ Erick Morillo
Thur-Amnesia w/ PVD and Tiesto
Sun-Sundays @ Space again
Mon-?? (Sanchez again maybe)

any suggestions for Fri, Sat and the second Monday..