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You'll never really know for sure, will you? Personally, I think it's a non-issue. I have a good friend who's black and I'm not the only one who calls him a nigger to his face. He calls me filthy names as well. It's not a case of bigotry either, as we belong to a certain fraternal organization together and we watch each other's backs. I'll call a white guy anything I damn well please. Believe it or not, I have a number of friends who are gay that I berate constantly. They're sinners. God hates them. They're all gonna burn in hell! Understand that these things are merely words and open to interpretation. You don't know me from Jack. You can go off on your PC rant and I'll keep on bustin' your chops. My posts are entirely tongue in cheek and if they really put you off, then you don't get the jokes and I'm sorry I hurt your delicate feelings. It sure beats a poke in the eye. Don't go tagging labels on folks you don't know. Dude, you are such a latent homo!
bamf, are you aware that the more you try to justify yourself the more you accentuate your latent homophobia? Probably not. I'm sure you don't realize. I don't think you're an 'intolerant fascist biggot whatever', it's just that you've never taken the time to think about what is really behind your words and how they can hurt unintentionally.
Bamf, you are being offensive. I can see your point of view and undestand you are talking about what you and your mates say to one another, however, it is being misinterpretted.

I don't believe you would say such things to someone you don't know (at least I hope not). I know myself, that I might call a friend a fat b@stard, and he might call me a skinny wretch, but I don't feel the need to bring it up!

You have to understand that humour, sarcasm etc... doesn't travel well on these forums, so be careful.

And the rest of you, Mainman was a complete git. He was offensive and a real waste of life. But you are just dragging this topic out. Despite all Bamf has said about his own personal relationships with mates, he seems to be quite tolerant really. I really do think it's time to leave this topic alone. You all seem to agree with each other on a certain level. All you are doing is continuing the misery started by Mainman!

On a last point, the point of context, I had gay friends. I found myself constantly watching what I said. Everything seemed to make me feel worried someone would take offence. Until the day these 2 friends were having a bit of banter with each other, when one said to the other 'shut it you queer!!!' Everyone laughed and found it amusing.

People should not be afraid to say things and use words. It was me who was being homophobic in a way, by biting my tongue in normal conversation. The less we try to deny the differences between us, the more we create a dishonest world.

Obviously, some people use these words in hatred, but that doesn't mean the words have no place within the realms of friends who understand one another.

So, can we all chill a little and save it for the next Mainman (but hope there never is one).

It's just a bit of banter!
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