Who is going next year?

x 2 next year.. In July for 10nights with my girls and a friend then more toward the end of season for some hardcore clubbing :D
Yes! Already booked the two week hols in August... hopefully doing the space opening too - just waiting to see the definite date on that one! I've tried other places for my main hols and its just rubbish - yes things change year after year in Ibiza, clubs, beaches, the rules, shops etc.... but I still want to listen to house music and that will never change!
Within getting back 3 weeks ok we decided we were gonna do Cancun in april for 2 weeks and Ibiza for 4 nights in September. But realising id stuggle saving for mexico we decided we are doin Ibiza for 2 weeks begining of September. Booking it next month now
I'll prob do same as this year - a week in Playa Den Bossa mid-May, mid-June and early-Sept, and possible tack another week on in July to either San An or Santa Eulalia, or maybe even elsewhere. Fingers crossed. 8)
Ofcourse i'll go in 2010 !!!
Dates are unknown yet, but i'm aiming for Radio One weekend as always (first week or two of August).
Im defo going, im turning 30 so HAVE to!8)

Ive set upa facebook group called IBIZA 2010, its open so have a look for it:p

Ill be going beginning Sept for about 10 days so I can do more normal things too:)
me.yes i will be back nextyear.not done this year yet.but trying to sort out staying for longer next sept/oct maybe 20 days.18 is max so far...thing is you never seem to get enough even though i have been going since 83.something different every time i go.

like someone as mentioned. times i have been i could of bought a place by now.i wish.
19th September 2010 for a week.

Managed to persuade our 40 something friends to come along too for some closing partying!

Woo hoo
after a 3 year break from the island going back this year has got me back into it and already booked to go for my 6th time next year Sept 1st - 15th!! Roll on 11 months!!!!
Yep i am going as well. Visit number 25 is two weeks 4 - 18th February and cant wait!!
Spring in Ibiza is just sooo special!
I am booked. Will be elsewhere in Sept, so the best we can do is 1-5th July. Just sorted the flights, £135 each 8)

Anyone know when Es Vive will be taking bookings?
Creatures of habit i,m afraid. one left to go this year and two booked for next along with Stu and Rosie.........................at the time of writing, 245 sleeps till next year:((sorry Stu)