Who is going in september?


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A group of guys and girls from California will be there for the last half of September. Looking to meet some cool people to party with.
we're coming from Cali also (2 only so far), will be there 16th to the 25th. Hitting Tiesto's closing, Cream's closing and Eddie and Ferry the Thursday before, may check out Meganite, Hed Kandi, We Love, curious about Judge Jules closing and how Pete Tong is at Wonderland/Eden this year.
A meet up could be good fun. We'll be in PDB side most of the trip.
will be there myself from the 16th-25th september and staying in the casa maria apartments in san an

let us know if ya wanna meet up to party
I will be there from the 16th til the end of the month , I'm from Montreal, Canada. Hope to bump into you guys while we are all down there...

If your hiting Bora Bora beach you should find me! :p:lol:8)
I'm there 19th -26th september staying in san an, think i am in touch with most of u who are out there the same time to arrange meet ups etc but if i have missed anyone & you're up for havin a mad one with 2 crazy party girls give me a shout :)