Who are your favorite DJ's?


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Hey one and all! I don't know if anyone has asked this before, but who are your favorite DJ's and why?

I'll start!

1.) John Digweed

2.) and ofcourse Sasha

3.) Danny Tenaglia

4.) Jimmy Van M

5.) Paul Van Dyk

6.) Carl Cox

Sasha and Diggers because I have been listening to them for years and they were the first big DJ's I saw when I was old enough to go clubbing. Oh, and because they have this way of making me fall in love with their music and them everytime I see a set of theirs. Oh, and I love the progressive yet funky, yet sometimes dark and scary sound they have. Similar reasons for Jimmy Van M. He seems like a really sound guy too!

PVD because he was the first CD I ever bought and he has unbeleivable talent and writes most of his own music. Very important! Also his tracks are like beautiful, masterful pieces of music.

Danny Tenaglia because he isn't afraid to add in some old rocking record that we all forgot about. I love how he mixes up his sounds. Always changing it up!

Carl Cox because of his energy and great way of making you feel a part of something really special! That man is the poster child for happiness!

More USA based DJ's are:

1.) Mark Farina

2.) DJ Garth

3.) Simon

4.) Jeno

5.) Hipp-E

6.) and ofcourse Halo

All of these guys are great because they are funky and groovy and just make me happy and smile. They just remind me of all of the great times when I first started going to parties in San Francisco California USA. I love them. I miss you San Francisco!

Well, I like a lot more as well, but these guys are the main ones. So, tell me, who are your favorites? :?: :D
james lavell becaus ehe is soo different and fresh

tiesto because he bangs out good trance

frankie knuckles because he is the godfather of house
Yeah. James Lavelle, Ali B, John B, Lee Coombes, Tyrant (Richards and Burridge), Tony Francis and, of course, John Peel (once the Fabric album is released on Monday).
Its gotta be

1) Roger Sanchez
(he went through so many different genres on sat, was unbelievable, quite unbelievable)

2) Danny Tenaglia
(back to basics cd absolutely rocks ya socks orf)

3) struggling now, poss dj Gee

that's MHO :D :D
Roger Sanchez
Frankie Knuckles (yes robo def the king of house!)
Timo Maas
DJ Rasoul
Lee Coombs
Solomonic Sound - wicked tribal!

Sander Kleinenberg
John Digweed
Corvin Dalek
Dave Seaman
Jon Carter
Satoshi Tomiie
Nick Warren
Danny Howells
Carl Cox
jon carter
darren emerson
erick morillo
jimmy van m
danny tenaglia
roger sanchez
nick warren
mr c
rui da silva

and thats just touching the surface. theres so many unbelievable djs and music genres out there these days. i love it when you go out and here a dj youve never heard or even heard of before and they turn out to be amazin!
There are a number of brilliant sets being played at the moment but my top two favourite masters of spin at the moment go to:

1) Darren Emerson ( Never heard a bad or average set)

2) Armin van Buuren

Others which are good include:

Eric Morrillo
John "OO" Flemming
I agree that there are some many DJs out there playing great sets. I would say that every one of the Basics residents are always on the top of my list. Some of the best nights at Basics are when its the residents only.

As well as Roger S, Eric etc I like Doc Martin who always seems to miss out on that superstar DJ status.
It may change on monthly basis, according to more sets from new/existing DJs that i'll hear, but my current most favorite ones are:

1) Erick Morillo
2) Sander Kleinenberg
3) Deep Dish
4) Sven Vaeth
5) John Digweed

Cheers! :rolleyes:
Oooh so many.....

Sasha of course!
Good old Diggers
Big Black Cox!
Sander Kleinenberg
Dave Seaman
Nick Warren
Danny Tenaglia
Darren Emerson
Roger Sanchez
Hernan Cattaneo
Steve Lawler
James Lavelle
The Chemical Brothers
X-Press 2

Some of these guys have gave me some of the best nights ever!
smokin - nice to see james lavelle got a mention, i personally think he is a very hot talent!!! and he didn't get in the top 100 but that might be good thing!!
Erick Morillo is my all-time favourite no 1, I stalk the poor bloke all over the country :rolleyes:

Danny Tenaglia
Oakie (when he is on form) - when he is good he is still up there with the best, but when he is bad (a la Bunkha style) he is really bad :p
Little Louie Vega
David Morales
Harry Choo Choo Romero
Roger Sanchez

to name but a few..............
theres just too many to choose from who are just so good.
would like to add:
fatboy slim
harry choo choo
steve lawler
james lavelle
and dave clarke to my list.
keep on forgtting bout people and then seeing them on other peoples lists. gonna have to stop looking at everyone elses lists. sorry...lol
My boyfriend has loved Fatboy Slim for years and has burned a bunch of CD's for me. I really like a lot of his work. It's a lot different from what I usually listen too. I usually don't like those who do the MTV thing, but I have made an exception for Norman Cook. I hope to see him in Ibiza next summer if he is out there when I am. :D Oh, and I like Lawler a lot too! 8)
believe me susie when i say you really gotta see this guy live and he will blow you away. definately the best dj i have ever seen for technical merit and getting the crowd going. before i saw him i always thought he was really good and had his cd and had heard his songs but then when i saw him it was just like he was throwing all these tunes at you from completely nowhere and they were all complete classics. it was truly amazin. even now i would still say he does not play my sort of music style and genre but he still manages to be my favourite dj soley from the performance he gave that night i saw him live for the one and only time.
did you not here about the brighton beach concert(big beach boutique i think it was called) that he puts on in his home town every year for free except last year when he put it on 250,000 ppl turned up to see him play when they were only expecting like at the most 60,000.
yes thats right he is that good. if you get the chance to see him then dont pass it up. especially if your in ibiza. :D
What you just said is just what my boyfriend has been saying for a long time. Yes, I have heard of the Brighton Beach event that he put on. I have the Brighton Beach CD of his. It's good! I was amazed by the huge crowd that was on that beach. Amazing! I would love to go to that. Hell, I would love to go to England and Ireland and Scotland for the beautiful countryside and mostly for the amazing clubbing culture you guys have. I think in 2004 I am going to do the England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland run with a last stop in Ibiza ofcourse! My ancestors were Welsh I believe, so it will be nice to visit the land where my family was from. I am going to other parts of Europe this coming summer including Ibiza. I hope to see Fatboy in Ibiza for sure. Maybe i'll see ya there! Hee! Hee! :D
definately a good plan you've got there chick. its a pity you dont have the clubbing culture we have here. but atleast youre dedicated enough and making the effort to go to the clubbing culture as it doesant look like its gonna come to you any time soon. no doubt you will have the time of youre life :D :eek: :lol: :eek: :twisted: