Which Radio 1 DJ is on their way out?



Not sure whether you've all heard but there's an unconfirmed rumour that a certain radio 1 dj is leaving the station as the show they host isn't doing as well as it used to. And there's already a replacement lined up to fill in the gap.

So who do you think is going? The nominees for the 'Out On Your Arse Award 2003' are:-

Judge Jules
Dave Pearce
Pete Tong
Seb Fontaine

And who do you think would fill the boots of the dole-seeking ex-dj?

Personally I think it will be Seb Fontaine (shock, horror :eek: ) as I can see him going, his voice doesn't suit radio 1 anyway. Dave Pearce will most likely stay as his brand of 'cheese' is liked by a lot of townies, teenies and people with nothing better to listen to in the car. Judge Jules is just Judge Jules (no comment), Fergie will probably stay because he doesn't like flying and if Pete Tong goes it will be a crime compared to the other candidates.

I would like to see somebody playing more funky, fresh, vocal, bass heavy house so I'm going to have a maybe not too wild guess that Graeme Park is going to get poached from Galaxy.

Your turn......
My money would be on Fergie, when Radio 1 took Fergie on, they were jumping on the hard house bandwagon. I'm not that up with the kids of today but are people still really into hardhouse :?: :rolleyes: and even if they are I never hear any of them raving about Fergie cos he has seemed to have lost the plot.

Radio 1 just jumped straight in without thinking about it, personally I thought it was travesty that Lottie or Yousef didn't get Fergie's job.

Can't see it been Graeme Park mate, no offence intended, but he's been round since the days of the Hacienda and whatever he has done for house music in the past he is old hat these days, they want some new blood.
I've never been a fan of Fergie either, and I agree Lottie and/or Yousef should have been given the slot. What would may be different is teaming Lottie and Yousef up for their own show, it's not as though have never played together before.

I can see your point about Graeme Park, but I bet in a lot of the country when he's going head to head with radio 1 he gets a lot of their listeners from years ago when Rampling was there. Bringing Danny back would be a move in the right direction, but that would never happen.
i think lottie or yousef will do brilliantly on Radio 1.......

sebs show is good
don't like the judge's show, used to but not anymore..
pete tong is perfect for a friday night..
don't listen to fergie
dave pearce...well....the least the said the better..
i guess fergie should be replaced

what about westwood though?? i don't think he deserves 2 shows a weekend....
gecko2 said:
Bringing Danny back would be a move in the right direction, but that would never happen.

Yeah goddamn it I miss the Love Groove Dance Party :(

I think the whole scheduling is wrong before you even look at the DJS:

Fri 6 - 9 Tongy - perfect start to the wkend :D
Fri 9 -11 Westwood - WTF :rolleyes:
Fri 11 - 1 Fergie - if I wanted to listen to Fergie or the like boshing it out on a Friday night I'd be in a club by this time, I mean who the fukc is listening to it :rolleyes: Even if I was staying in it would never cross my mind to put Radio 1 on for him.

Sat 5 - 7 Jules - to be honest don't mind his Saturday show.
Sat 7 - 9 Seb - after Jules has picked you up for wkend, Seb is taking you back a gear.
Sat 9 - 12 Westwood - again WTF????

I think Mr Radio 1 Controller needs to rethink the whole wkend cos he isn't doing it justice at the mo.
I think the whole lot can be summed up by the following equation :

Radio 1 Line up = large lump of stilton.

Apart from Yousef and maybe lottie. :D
This would be my preferred line-up

6pm - 9pm Pete Tong (The only guy who deserves to stay really)
9pm - 12am Layo & Bushwacka!
12am - 3am Derrick Carter
3am - 6am Carl Cox

6pm - 9pm Lottie
9pm - 12am Yousef
12am - 2am Pete Tong + 1 special guest every week (1 hour each)
2am - 4am The Essential Mix (without Pete Tong)
4am - 6am Jose Padilla & John Peel (Back 2 back)
gecko nice choice..

mine would be

6-9 pete tong
9-12 James Lavelle
12-3 steve lawler
3-6 richie Hawtin

6 - 9 lottie/yousef
9 - 12 howie b
12 - 2 Gabriel and Dresden
2 - 4 essential mix
4 - 6 chris coco/jose padilla
Record it perhaps.

Btw Fergie doesn't place hard house anymore, it's more like commercial techno. He's still better than Jules tho, that would be funny as f*ck if Jules went, tw@t that he is
I posess a modicum of inside knowledge which suggests:
Pete Tong stays where he is. He is, after all, The Daddy
Lottie & Yousf get Seb's Show. Seb Fontane is really dull and so is his music
Westwood's going nowhere. He gets the biggest ratings of any non-daytime Radio1 show
Dangerous 'Phat' Dave will lose his weekday show but will keep Dance Athems, which isn't all bad all the time.
The jury's still out on Fergie but he may stay as part of a 'team' which couldl include Eddie Halliwell and James Zabelia.

Also, expect to see more of The Dream Teem. DJ Spoony fancies himself at a 'Personality' DJ. I even heard him hosting a football phone-in on Radio 5 the other week

Radio 1 would like nothing more than to sign Roger Sanchez but it aint gonna happen. They cant afford him
Roger Sanchez has a show on Galaxy doesn't he??? The BBC could easily afford him as most of us get ripped off every year for something called the 'TV Licence' which is a con earning the Blair Broadcasting Channel millions.
Rusty have to agree with everything you said. I think you have hit the nail on the head.
For me Seb is on his way out and Dave is not as bad as everyone makes out.
Dave Pearce is a complete waste of space.

His music knowledge could be acquired by picking up a few of the 'Now thats what I call dance..' compilations. His music is pop. End of story - it should Dave Perace's pop anthems. Cheesy house at its best !!
i'm i missing something

pete tong passed away i believe in 1997/98 so how canhe be leaving.

i think it might be seb fontain due to a couple of late arrivals or a no show it think.
Im not saying dave pearce is a brilliant dj, im saying he is there to do a job and i think he recognises that he caters for a certain kind of audience.
So he plays to his strenghts and as any good businessman he makes loads of money by playing what he does and catering for his audiences.
he is very good at what he does and if i was as successful as he was i think id be pretty happy.
I wasnt answering the question 'Is Dave Pearce a good businessman'.

I was saying that Dave Pearce is a crap DJ with crap music taste who caters for a totally uneducated type of dance music follower.

I do admit he must have a large amount of talent when it comes to blagging and self promotion to get where he is !! :D