which one?


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Just before i book my hols- thought i would ask for one final vote. I have read all the reviews from the spotlight hotel pages, but wondered for a final confirmation, if people could pick which hotel out of my final 2 shortlisted, and say a quick why!

Thanks so much..... cannot wait to get it booked:)

Option 1: Sol Bahia Apartments - cala gracio near Kanya etc


Option 2: Costa Mar Apartments - same area.

Thanks in advance 8)
Thats a difficult one but I would say Sol Bahia I think. I have stayed at Costa Mar in the past about 4 times. Its a great location but I found on the last visits it was becoming more a rowdy place to stay and very noisey - I am obviously getting old. Sol Bahia always looks dead quiet and the accommodaton looks a slightly higher standard.
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I would echo what Fraz has said, although I have not stayed at either I have family and friends who have used Costa Mar many times,their opinion is that it has got a lot noisier recently, that said, it all depends on who is staying there,time of season etc.

Putting the two places head to head:
SB 1 bedroom apts. CM studios.
SB air con included. CM pay extra.
SB tv in apt. CM no tv.
SB choice of front or side sea view. CM no choice.

Clearly a winner there, I would weigh it up with the difference in cost.
Have you considered El Coto? Its further up from Sol Bahia. I have spent the last few years staying in Calo des Moro/Cala Gracio area as I really like it there. Nice and quiet but not far to get to town. I stayed at El Coto for the first time last year. Its really good value and the staff are really friendly too. Air con and TV also included. They have a web page on this site too.