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;) hi all ,
i am going to visit Ibiza and i want someone who can help to find which is the best club to go, i found on the website club call Es Paradis can you tell how is that one
It depends on the music you like, as clubs have different music nights with different DJ's all week long. I would check out this site as they will post who's playing where on what day.

Space, Amnesia, Pascha, DC10 etc...are all popular. As well as Bora Bora for pre-clubbing.
best bars and places to go clubbing!

Hi Ibizafriends

Since I´ve been around on the magical Island, I can tell you a bit about the best places, depending on the type of music you like.

For pre-clubbing -
Bar M in San An. - Nice cozy feeling.
Savannah -Serve awsome Sangria, and excellent blissful chill-beats

If you´re into uplifting trance/progressive/UK-Dancestyle:
Saturday evening - EDEN - Dave Pearce Euphoria!
Sunday evening - Jules, Fergie, Corsten - EDEN Judgement Sunday!
Thursday evening - AMNESIA - Cream (Tiesto last season - who-hoa!)

I´f you´re into House/ect.
Friday evening - PACHA - Ministry Of Sound
Sunday evening after Judgement Sunday - Sundays@space!!

I´f you want a quiet nice meal and relaxing beats:
Bambuddhas grove - ethnic oriental style, but with european menu!

Hope this was helpful! But check out the club-listings on these pages soon!
Go for it!

Ibizagirl! :twisted:
can someone clarify something for me. What style of music do you classify the terrace at space. Has anybody got the space ibiza 2002 CD. The terrace CD absolutely rocks !!!
It is funky / tribal house
I can tell you one thing... it rocks without a doubt! :)

Jep, Space is House in different variations...that´s why I put Space under "House ect."....
have fun! :eek:
rustywoo said:
The 2001 CD is way better than 2002.

I agree with that..... I have both and definitely listen to 2001 more than 2002 :D