Which is gonna be??

maybe dc 10 or space.

reasons for this i think this will be one of the best years in ibiza as a lot of people are returning after a not visiting for a couple of years.

my self for instance, did not get out their last year.

so i tend to think pacha, privalige will be rammed possebley to busy
for comfort.

hence the choice of dc-10 or space
Last year my faves were Space and Amnesia, but I didn't get to Pacha so maybe after this year Pacha will be on my fave list?!

If Amnesia can attract Gatecrasher like the rumours say it'll be pretty awesome! Like Robo I'm a trance fan and I'd love to go to 2 trance nights in a week at Amnesia!

I'm sure Space will be class again, must be one of the coolest places in the world! (not temperature wise either!!!! :lol: )
My fave is Amnesia then Space..I've been at pacha Roger Sanchez's night and I didn't like it at all..He's not my style...but I think Subliminal is good ;)
Es Paradis

I was lookin at the Spotlight main site and was wondering, what is Es Paradis like?!!? Is it any good. Whats the main type of music they play there. And, what are the water parties like?
es paradis used to be an ok venue, but since eden has been improved it has gone a little out of favour.....