Which Clubs are a must??



We are going July 31 (Thursday) to August 4 (Monday) which clubs and/or bars should we go to? Thanks!
have a few drinks in bora bora on Sunday, head down to space & if you're hardcore DC10's on Monday.

Ibiza town IMO is great to just go drinking or wondering around.
Thu, July 31st: Cream @ Amnesia
Fri: Pacha 30th Anniversary / Renaissance - Steve Lawler, Pete Tong
Sat: ?? your call
Sun: Bora Bora & Space
Monday morning: DC-10, night Coccon @ Amnesia or Roger Sanchez @ Pacha
i agree all are worth it, my first time i tried everything

eden esparadis, pacha, amnesia,etc etc, only then did i decide what i liked

the one new thing on my 4th trip will be SPACE and i know and can feel (from this forum) that this is gonna be favorate by far

you know wot they say, "save the best till last" (i know pure cheese) but this certainly aint' my last ;)