Which Beaches ?


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Right here’s one for the locals.

After seeing recent photos of some of the beaches in winter – I wondered which beaches are “topped up” with sand before the hordes arrive?
I think in front of CDM & Mambo must have been in the past, not so sure nowadays though,have not seen much sand lately?

I don't know if they ever 'top up' but the beach at figueretas in october was cut in two by a river with small lake,after heavy rain a storm drain burst and made a bit of a gully across the beach,I think it was the the next night around 8pm a tractor/digger started work,made a pathway on the beach next to the prom,dredged sand into the lake,smoothed the whole beach over except for 3m piles of sand next to the 'river'.
Anyway,they left the cut in the beach (for obvious reasons) which was gradually smoothing itself out from the shoreline.

The thing I was wondering about was the moving of the beached up weed back to the sea edge,where it gradually went away,seasonal / enviromental practice ?