where's ade?

DJ Biff

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his website hasn't been updated for a month, he hasn't answered any posts on his message board, so nothing to get worried about there. i just have this feeling that something is wrong. if you're out there ade, for god's sake, let us know you're ok.

your pal biff (dj)
after four months we still dont know what happened to him and ibizaholidays appears to be down!! :eek:

ibizahq is still down too but i know dave hq is alive and kicking. wheres ade? :rolleyes:

I saw Ade yesterday,he should be alive again sometime this week,John.
where am i ?

good question ;)

thanks for thinking about me :)

i'm in the uk now for a few months but everything is still running (i think the time you asked the server had been down for about 7 days)

as far as the clubbing thing went it was too much of a pain this year as we had a ton of stuff going on at the same time but i'm setting up a new system for next year