where to stay in ibiza??



a question for a ll u ibiza regulars... next summer is gonna be the first time i've been to ibiza and i don't know where to stay?? i'm 18 and goin with some mates so want somewhere lively, but not older clubbers more younger people?

advice plz!!!! :lol: btw, i've heard san antonio is good? anyone recommend there??


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san antonio, sounds like the perfect place for you...........lots of youngsters, lots bars, has got eden, and es paradis, the average is prob 19 and english, the west end and the sunset strip is in san an.....



couldnt agree more with Robo...San An has it all, but also has a huge crowd of loud, beer-drinking idiots during daytime as well (like any other partyplace really!)....But the sunset´s amazing from Coastline, and the beaches in the area are ok as well.

IF you want to live near beautiful beaches, but also kinda excluded, try Ses Selinas area, or if your more into fun, want to be near record-stores and fancy shops try Ibiza Town-area (and surrounding Jésus, Santa Eulalia, ect. - they are more quiet)

IF you want to stay in tranquille areas, San Jose could be good as well, placed right in the middle, and it will only take you 15-20 min. to get to either San. An or Ibiza....so you choose.

Have fun! ;)