where to go when...



if we're only going for 4 days to Ibiza at the beginning of august, what clubs should we DEFINIETLY not miss??? are there diff days for diff clubs? (cause i dunno what days we're going yet). we're ready for 4 days of hard partying after work ends and before school starts in sept 8)

I would seriously consider doing at least 5 days in Ibiza, and I would recommend that you come Sunday morning and leave Thursday afternoon...
Now are you ready? All the parties listed below are definately not to be missed!!
Start with Sunday at the Space, and IMO it is totally fine to get there early afternoon.
Monday morning - DC10
Monday evening - Cocoon @ Amnesia
Tuesday morning - manumission carry-on @ Space
Tuesday evening - go to Underground/KM5 for a more relaxed night
Wednesday evening - La Troya @ Space
Thursday morning - La Troya carry on @ Space.

I know it seems like you wont be seeing many of the other clubs, but these are by far the best parties in Ibiza. BY FAR.
Ahhh....memory lane... :rolleyes:
Space: Sunday
DC-10: Monday morning
Underwater @ Pacha - Tuesday
Subliminal @ Pacha - Wednesday
Cream @ Amnesia when Paul Van Dyk spins
Any club where Danny Tenaglia is spinning
Thnaks everyone.... I'll definitely try to move it to 5 days...its just the beginning of our european vaca - we're going to Paris, amsterdam, nice and Rome too...

its so hard to pick the best clubs unless u know them,and since there are soooo many. so thanks for the advice, and anything else anyone thinks is relevant to us having an amazing time - just let me know! as ibiza virgins, we want this vacation to rock!

let the countdown begin! :lol: