Where to find TRANCE (Ibiza 12th - 19th August)



Hi Boys and Girls!

I'm coming to Ibiza on the week 12th - 19th August, and I would like to know which clubs to go during that week.

I'm looking for clubs that feature TRANCE music, much like what is played by Paul Van Dyk / Paul Oakenfold / etc. (see www.tranceaddict.com/livesets.shtml)

Of course that Thursday 14th will be at Cream-Amnesia, but what about the other nights?

yes, i've checked that page, but which clubs / which nights / which DJs will be playing trance?

Gallery on Tuesday - Mike (Push) will give you some quality trance. Tall Paul plays some trance as well

Euphoric on Wednesday - depends who they've got on, not the best night I've been to but OK

Thursday - Cream, Tiesto need I say more

Friday - Euphoria @ Eden for the slightly cheesy Dave Pearce or Slinky @ Privilege with a slightly harder line up, Johan Gielan is AMAZING :D

Saturday - Not really any trance

Sunday - Judgement Sunday

Monday - No trance as such but you could try Manumission

I would reccomend trying some non-trance nights at Pacha, don't miss Bora Bora and Space either.