Where to continue the party after Ushuaia? Will there energy be left?


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these days I'd far rather hang out with people on the beach than force myself through some club - just a shame about the music (unless silent discos are a thing in IBZ!)
In my hometown, there used to be an eccentric, rocking the western Jesus look. He used to come to the local cattle-market club and listen to his own music through his earphones. His rationale was that he liked the social aspect of clubbing, but detested the music. Untold respect. And always a conversation starter. He was always the most animated on the dance floor, too.


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We have a really good club here that gets all the top DJs new and old. Great club no phones on the dance floor policy is doing great.strict door rules as most places do. But we this new batch of younger guys running parties in this old gallery that want to wear and play what you like,it's BYOB too which is great for there friends who might be stuck for cash most weekends.. these nights are becoming very popular and selling out fast.. They bring new talent in for some dates of guys you never heard of and that Refreshing to say the least.. Mano even popped down one night to say hello and was reportly bumming cans on the dance floor,😁


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@white_isle_calling Had a baby last year I think and he's back a bit maybe his partner is Irish too?.. think he's in South America since last week. The lad on the left in Neil Flynn he has tracks out on lossless records he lives in Berlin still but is talking about moving back home. I'll be meeting him end of month at festival here ask him few things..
The other lad is Geoff one half of Between Ourselves, he runs the BYOB nts and are the hottest talk in Ireland at the mo
Changing Days - 06 by Between Ourselves #np on #SoundCloud
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