Where to Buy in Ibiza?


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I'm currently looking at buying a 2 bed apartment out in Ibiza and would like some advice from people who live there all year round.

Where should i buy? The places i like/can afford are Cala Vadella, Cala D Bou and Talamanca.

What are these places like in the winter? I'm not looking to work out there just spend a good 4-6 months a year (avoiding July & Aug as it's too hot and too busy + the best time to try and rent my apartment out)

Any advice much appreciated

avoid july and august here. it's a nightmare after the tranquility of winter.

cala vadella is dead in winter and miles from anywhere.

cala de bou has san an and san jose on the doorstep so there's plenty of nice places to go.

talamanca is a great place, quiet but really close to jesus and ibiza.

the good thing about winter is all the best places stay open and all the tourist tat closes

a two bed apt will get you about 600/700 rental income a week in the two peak months - but don't furnish it too nicely, as you'll probably have to do it again!!

hope this helps

(is that global estates btw?)