where to buy euro's



anybody no any good site to but euro's at the euro has slummped to and all time low thanks
sean and da euro

don't know what currrancy your checking.

but the pound is loosing out the euro the euro is doing better than the pouns hence the lower price.

1 pound = 1.33 euro last time i check. try free commison currancy from travel agents such as thomas cook, bank will charge you a commision rate.
the pound i am trying some online site to c if i can get maybe 1.40 to the £ but to no availe
Post office, no commission and theyll buy it back 'gratis'. Not that the last point will matter to anybody holidaying on the white isle

Agree - Change back money left over - Not gonna happen!

If I was to have any money left, then I'd just stuff more booze and fags into me suitcase!
I got for the idiot approach - I'll just keep using cashpoints until they won't let me have any more - If I got my money in bulk up front I'd just spend it all straight away. By using cash machines I will have a chance of keeping to a daily budget (or at least close to one!)
ruth said:
If ya have a Halifax account they are doing commision free at the mo. :D
when i changed my hard earned pounds into Euros, i got 1.34 at the Post office...then saw Marks and Spencer knocking them out at 1.37...bah...