where is Tiesto playing on New Yrs Eve??



Does anyone know where Tiesto will be playing on New Yrs Eve?? I would really love to head out and see him. And all of the other places he will be!!

he MIGHT be playing for the minstry of sound at the millenium dome in london.....but not sure
You probably know this already, but visit www.tiesto.com. Here you can find his tourdates up to November, so in a while the dates for December will be announce as well.

Funny to see that 'our' Dutch dj plays in the US so many times!
Robo- when will they announce if he is? Do you have any idea? I need to save up more to go!! I just got back from London........I would love to go again!

Belle- Yes I have seen that site thanks!! It is not on there yet, thought someone might know! What a tease it is to wonder where he is!! I would love to go down to the states and see him this month, I am trying my best!! I might get to go!! Are u going to any?
This year its 50/50 as to weather he is going to be playing in Holland
haha!! I have never seen a Tesco's, but if I met Tiesto in a supermarket I would not complain!!!