Where is the best place to watch a sunset, with my little child?


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We will stay in Santa Eulalia, and i will not miss watching the beautiful sunset, i want to know where there is a good place to watch the sunset with my little 3 year old child? :)


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Kumharas is nice when you have kids with you..avoid mambo/cafe del mar ect.. hosal la torre is really good too.


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Yes + 1 for kumharas...don't worry the taxi will find it..& btw there is a french couple (Bernard & ...very nice people...they give me tips for place to play (cala conte on friday with live musicians)...give them a salute from the Joe the french darbuka drummer 8)) that sell waffers (think your child will enjoy it..i've picked one "Crêpe" with lemon..there are also tapas, but even in kumharas cafe it's not same "company"...)


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Bus to San An then taxi to Kumharas or hostal la torre is only a few euro.Im sure taxi from San Eulalia cost 30-35 euro.


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l19 bus from Santa Eulalia to san an bus station.then taxi.bus fair is around 2 euro.might be more not been on it for ages.

Don Simon

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The fare for the 19 bus SE>>SA is 2.35, it's a fairly limited service though,fine for going to SA but no good for the return after sunset.