Where is Inox?



Where is Inox located please? :confused:

Some of me mates want to go to a hard house nite and I think BK and Farley might make an appearance. :D

See where Tropical is, carrying on up that road there is a dark orange bit to the right, it's on that corner. Directly above the "c" of Cervantes. If you were to carry on further up that road you'd get to Coastline/Kanya etc.
My mate went last Friday and there were only about 40 people in the place.

But if Funky House (MoS @ Pacha) or trance (Extravaganza @ Privilege) isn't your thing, then that'll be pretty much your best chance of the harder stuff - although Tonic have quite a few hard house DJ's on.
Thanks for the info and advice. I had heard that both Frantic, Nukleaz and Sundissential were playing Inox. Thanks for the info on Tonic. I think Lisa Lashies is playing at Slinky as well rite?

Being from Birmingham most nights are still pretty hard, so it is wot we are used to. Saying that we are only planning a max of 3 hard nights.
Oh Bonds and Hidden :oops: . Never been, spent a majority of my time in Gods, Sundissential, Insomniacz, Passion and Storm (used to go to Babooshka :oops: again). I think it's more the company I keep. Those nites tend to be alot of fun. My mates have all been to those other nights but don't go back very often. I live 20 miles out of the city centre so taxi's are expensive and driving is a pain in the a*se so I only tend to go clubbing on nites wen everyone goes or wen my girlfriend lets me :lol: .
Inox and Hard House In Ibiza

On the Wednesday they have 24/7 meets ....Trade, Fully Charged, Goodgreef,Eat Your Words and more. All on rotation. On Friday it Strom,Passion & Sundissential if anyone can find the line ups I would be grateful.

Other HH nights
Play 2 in The West End has The Howard on Saturday.
Nightlife in The West End always bangs it out.
Tonic has Hard guest DJs.
Slinky has Lashes and Tissera on some nights.
GK has Fergie most weeks
Copied from site.

10 - 15 Euros

Every week storm a different promoter, with Frantic, Nukleuz, Sundissential all coming over for the love-in, it could very well turn out to be the biggest orgy of hard dance on the island this summer. Expect the usual legends of the hard house scene to be whipping the dance floor up into a frenzy: Anne Savage, Andy Farley, Lisa Lashes, Ian M, The Tidy Boys. Looks to be a classic Friday Allnighter.
i used to go to passion every saturday(roughly) for about 2 years, then the old hard house got to much or i got too old so i knocked it on the head. Tend to do the slower prog house or the funcky house nights now...
I tended to go to Storm. I went every week for about a year. It was more for the atmosphere than anything though all that hard house can get a bit repetative. Then a shift happened on the scene (people in K-holes lying all over the floor), so I started going to more trancier nights like Gods Kitchen.