Where could Oakey be????


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It's interesting that Oakey is leaving Pacha to go where I wonder? Pacha is definatly the no.1(in my opinion) so I can't see Oakey choosing to leave. I reckon he must have been pushed.

Space must be a no no for him too and I can't see him going too far down market so that rules out San An. Which leaves Privilege, Amnesia and El Divino. Nobody in their right mind would host their own night at Privilege, so if he's in Ibiza this year it's out of Amnesia and El Divino.

And I can't decide which!!!!!
I think Oakie left Pacha voluntarily. At the end of the day Oakie is still probably the most famous DJ in the world so why would Pacha want to replace him with Darren Emerson, who I have doubts whether he can fill Pacha on his own???

The fact that Tongy is doing the Pacha 30th bday thing on a Friday means Perfecto Essential is no more so I really have my doubts whether Oakie will be in Ibiza at all.

He's not suited to El Divinos as a club so basically that just leaves Amnesia.............I've always said I thought he would be more suited to Amnesia as a club than Pacha but maybe godforbid he is not going to be there at all this year :eek: lol maybe he has grown out of Ibiza!!! :lol:
i don't think he'll be there this year....i think the reason why he left was because he wasn't pulling in the crwods every week, like subliminal was...

could he be back at cream next summer??? who knows
The thing is he is playing with a band :rolleyes: a lot of the time now and playing loads of shit off Bunkha, so if he is going to do that then we're well rid of him :p

We need the Oakie of old back, like he was when he was resident at Cream. Has anyone got Oakie - 2 Years at Cream, IMO one of the best CDs ever!
Robo said:
tiesto is also reportedly playing with a live band as well in the near future.......

That will be ok, I think he is doing it in a BT Live style-ee..........I just don't want to see Oakie playing Starry Eyed Surprise live PMSL!!!
Oake is a total sell-out these days, he want's to piss off out the scene, he's just milking it now

Yes but it's still sad when you remember what he was like in his Cream days :( And now he is coming out with shite like Bunkha :p
Yeah for sure, mind you, I think last time he played at Cream he took the roof off the place.

See what pisses me off about Oakey though, it's the fact he's a total farce. I mean, he just goes by his name! Even if he does play good tunes sometimes, he is still doing his "Son of God" pose while the tunes mix themselves on his CD mixer :confused:

The fact is, some of my best ever nights have been in the presence of Paul Oakenfold. They have been mostly when he looks like he himself is enjoying it, but I have seen him when he has seemed to just turn up and pick up the cheque.
You can't blame him for getting sick of doing the same thing every night, I know I hate my job from time to time, but if he has lost the buzz for Ibiza, then I would say it's time to get out of dance music and DJing- and maybe that's what he's doing!
But like it's been said, he's still a big draw and I think Amnesia would suit him down to the ground, even though I suspect he would want it to be a Perfecto night. Not Cream.