Wher is kumaharras

here it is!

coming from the Egg, drive out of Via. Fleming and continue for quite a long time - you will go past a lot of hotels ect. and simply ask when you have driven 4 miles, where to find it. Its situated on the end of a long road and you won´t spot it unless you know where to find it. Stay clear of the mint chops there (got food poisining last time) but try their pastadishes - yummie!!!

great place... check oot the bars/restaurants page on Ibizaspotlight!

cheers! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :confused: 8) :D
it´s still a bit tricky to find, the map isn´t that good but schould get you the impression of where to find it! Its a great place, enjoy!
Best way we found to describe it is if your heading from the egg, you have the turning on your right to catch the water taxi to the bay, pass that and take the next right. It's at the bottom of the road.
Look for a bar called "millenium" there is a childs play area on the corner and a sign saying "tabacs" with an arrow at the bottom. Follow the arrow down the road and you will see a tower, that is kumhara's... you will not be sorry you went!