When's the best time to....


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Heya! :D

I'm a Ibiza virgin and im so excited to go next year!

I have some questions though.

When's the best time to go there? I mean, when's it the most ppl there, I will only go there for the clubbing! :p

When's the pressure up to 100%?

And please do recommend some clubs and cafés where i can watch the sunset=)

No, he just needs to read this wonderful website: www.ibiza-spotlight.com :lol:

All of those questions are answered on the Ibiza Spotlight site. Alternatively, do a search here in the Spotlight forums as they've also been addressed multiple times here.
Id say August is the busiest time to go to Ibiza. The club tickets may be a little bit more expensive then say June but this is defo the time to go if you want it at its busiest.As for best places to watch the sunset, thats easy....mambo san antonio always a good choice. And some nights they have pre partys so you can see some of the big name djs up close.Whenever you go to Ibiza its always gonna be good.