When's everyone going this season?


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I'll be there from 05 to 19 September :p Seems like a while away though :(
33 weeks this weekend to be precise :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Am I sad for counting :?:


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19 June - 27 June (Es Vive)

11 September - 26 September (not sure where staying yet but will be PDB)


S Express

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prob end of July again mate...and obviously Space closing...as opposed to We Love closing (if the atmos hasn't been ruined by the roof!)

how bout you?


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End of April/beginning ofMay until mid October staying in Casa Jemsha (my place in Cala Vadella). During this time i will make numerous long weekend trips back to the UK to ensure my business interests are running smoothly


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DrewUK said:
Wicked Jamie, that's the date's we've penciled in ;)


** Biff may decide to vacate the island during this period **

OMG this is going to be carnage, both of yous there same time as we are :eek: :lol: Don't tell me Paul is going as well Andy ;)