When to book?


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:?: :?: :?: Visiting the white isle for the first time next September for 2 weeks and I was wondering when it is best to book by? I know it is probably better sooner rather than later. Do places fill up fast, especially for the closing parties?

Thanks for your help!! :D and see you all next year.
I just got back. I think I booked the flight in July and the hotel around the same time. I don't think hotels are that much of a problem.
Sept. is a great time to go.

i would wait atleast till xmas then have a good look around and you should have plenty of choices to choose from.

good luck
It's a good question.

Last year, we booked for the 1st week in September in some great appartments in Figueratas (Playa Sol II), 1 month before departure, and paid £250 each.

This year we booked at the end of May, Playa Sol II was full! Had to pay £370 each for what ended up to be a real hole of a place 50 yards up the road!!

I think September is becoming more and more popular reading peoples oppinions on various boards. But it is something to look forward to don't ya think folks? Getting the brochures in the new year and dreaming about the magic of paradise to get you through those winter months.

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