when R U gonna party next time....


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FOR ME it feels like im never gonna party again. I feel hung over and now my hubbie has fortunately gone to pick up a salad for me and a pizza for him...some tomato flavoured chips and a huge bottle of water!


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I'm ready to party now :lol: but am doing the sensible thing for once and just going to drink myself into wine coma ;)

Am going to have chilled one this wkend, next wkend have a big sesh at home with Tracy, wkend after long wkend in Brighton with a bit of clubbing involved, wkend after Sneak @ The End and then the Spotlight Party on 30 Jan.........................January is shaping up nicely :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Ibiza-girlie said:
I just didnt think it was in January, sweetie! :eek: :eek: :eek:

So even tho in every post about it people kept saying 30 January and you didn't realise it was in Jan :lol:

Hon I thought I was blonde but you seriously need to think bout dyeing your hair brown :lol: ;)


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haha u bet ya

he rocked the damn club and tore the roof off!!!! :eek:
what an amazing party, best in 2004 so far ;)