When it starts to be difficult to book?


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We're going in September (1st-2nd weeks).
I'm still saving for it but I don't want to see myself kicked out.
Is may a good month to book for September? or will the vacancies for sept in the island be already full up at this time? :?:
Those are the same weeks I'm going... We haven't booked our rooms yet... Probably will do it this month though just to be on the safe side..... Already have my plane tickets !!!

play it safe but don´t worry. In denmark we only have one agency that covers Ibiza with package-deals for all of Scandinavia, meaning that around 17 million people are served by the same agency!

This year is overbooked and I know cause every year I arrange trips to Ibiza for Danish DJ´s, record-companies and so on.....we booked in December and August is sold out by now! Has been for a month so that´s wicked!

If there are many possibilities from where you come from, then chill and tkae one day at the time, but still: better be safe than sorry, right?

cheers! ;)