When is the West End opening????



Just wanted to know when the west end really kicks off. Like most things out there it will be heaving in june july time but i was just wondering when the bars are open?

Do you think they will be open from the 7th May til the 15th may?

Also what do ppl thinl of the water party at esParadis????

Water party - really wet!
I'm going this year...looks on teh website like a lot of fun..when you're hot and sweaty at midnight jet's of water shoot up from the ground :)...hellz yea..lotta people have said something is wrong with the water and you come out smelling rank...but it's well worth trying it :)
Isnt the westend open yet? I am not desperate to get down there but I fly out in three and a half weeks and I hadnt considered the fact that ANYTHING would still be closed!
Frenchdog said:
i was just wondering when the bars are open?

did you know that some bars in the west end remain open all year round - on weekends at least? :rolleyes:

lots of bars in the west end are open already - the latest to open were ground zero on wednesday and cheers on thursday!! :idea:

When is the west end opening???????

Hopefully f***ing never ever again. God willing.
basically its open! is what McRankin is trying to say
it never fully closes all year, and kicking is obviously in high season

klingclubber said:
whoops i didnt get jigsaw you were being sarcastic
ignore my last comment :oops: :oops:

Too many little cars got your head in bitz??

*think about it*