when is the first weekend of the opening partys



particulary interested in the dave pearce opening @ eden gonna arrive in the evening watch the sunset go to euphoria then off back to the airport home !!!
do you think this is possible ??
yeah i think it is !! thought euphoria rocked last year !!!!!
wont cost a lote either will be going to closing for fortnight but need to go b4 then what do ya reckon ???????
im serious it is possible to do get a cheap flight go clubbing get the flight back home and back in time for work monday

Easy !!!
I think Nitefly meant it in relation to wanting to see Dave Pearce more than wanting to go for one day!

:eek: :lol:
actuly thinking about the manumission opening does anybody know when this is ill take a guess at monday 14th june what do ya reckon
has anybody ever been out there for just a day ????????????
and returned the next ????
If you assume that Euphoria opens on Friday 18th June, you can get a BA flight from Gatwick on the Friday night at 8pm which lands in Ibiza at 11pm. Should be enough time to get you to San An.
You can then get a BA flight on the Saturday night back to Gatwick leaving at midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning, arriving in Gatwick at 1.10am.
Total cost is around GBP 175
You probably will be able to get similar flights to this with Easyjet from Stansted and will probably be a little cheaper but schedules not out yet.