When is the best time to book?


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Hi Guys
I am currently looking at booking a trip to Ibiza. When is the best time or does it not matter. I am traveling alone and ready to meet people to party with and have a good time.
Any ideas about the timing and a place to stay would be good.
Would consider sharing a place to stay with the right person.
I am in Scotland now traveling and will be leaving maybe on the 1 September.

Where would you like to stay? I'm staying @ the Roca Hostal in San Antonio from 9/12/23. I know you said the first, but keep me in mind if your going to leave later. My e-mail's beckygogo@hotmail.com. Here's my schedule (let's see if I can stick to it):

9/12 Miss Moneypenny’s/Fashion T.V. @ El Divino
9/13 People from Ibiza @ Amnesia
9/14 We Love Sundays @ Space
9/15 CircoLoco @ DC10 (hopefully open) + Cocoon @ Amnesia
9/16 tour island/recover
9/17 Made In Italy @ Amnesia OR Garlands Boat Party
9/18 F#$* Me I’m Famous @ Pacha + dinner @ Pacha
9/19 Manumission Closing Party@ Amnesia
9/20 tour island-recover
9/21 ?

I'm meeting up with people down there as well. Take care!