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People, help Ibiza-girlie...I´m a real big fan of various chillout, the kind they play on the sunset-strip in Ibiza....I´ve got quite a few CD´s but have realised that my "collection" is very out of date (not that it makes the tunes any less fab!) - But I need new imput, where to buy them, what to buy, what will be released ect.... ;) 8)

I KNOW you people can help me out, so I´m blowing kisses at ya´....
Looking forward to hear your answers on this matter! :oops: :D

Stay sweet, it´s SNOWING in Denmark this morning, can you f*cking believe it!? :rolleyes: :!:

Ibiza-girlie said:

Stay sweet, it´s SNOWING in Denmark this morning, can you f*cking believe it!? :rolleyes: :!:

It's snowing in bloody London as well :rolleyes:
haha Barbie you are always funny! :) Well...the sun´s come out a bit now, so maybe...just maybeeee it will put me in a better mood....hm!?
crack out the Speedo's :eek: .......blue skys in Manchester.....Ibiza-Girlie, I was in the same position as you a couple of months back, but now I've got more albums than you can shake a stick at. A fave of mine has to be Beach Bar by Mastercuts, it captures the scene perfectly for me:

Track Listing
Disc One
1. Masters At Work Feat. India - Backfired (Album Mix)
2. Rawsoul Orchestra Feat. Concha Buika - Everyday (Rawsoul Main Vocal)
3. X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne - Lazy (Problem Kid Lazy Daze Vocal Mix)
4. Full Intention - Stars (Full Intention Club Mix)
5. Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Joeski's Sleazy Remix)
6. Pound Boys - Get Down (PB Main Mix)
7. Grant Nelson - Free (Club Mix)
8. Christophe Goze - Barcelona (Faze Action Remix)
9. Mambana - No Reason (Axwell Vocal Mix)
10. Mr. Hermano - Free As The Morning Sun (Scumfrog Mix)
11. John "Julius" Knight - Dancin' In Paradise (JJK PG Vocal Mix)
12. Shakedown - At Night (Kid Creme Funksta Remix)
13. Octave One Feat. Ann Saunderson - Blackwater (Vocal Mix)
Disc Two
1. Victor Davies - Sound Of The Samba (Masters At Work Mix)
2. Jazzanova With Vikter Duplaix - That Night (Original Mix)
3. Kai Alice - Surrounded (From Kaizer EP)
4. Larry Heard - Another Night (Re-Edit)
5. Alexkid Feat. Nicole Graham - On My Mind (Main Mix)
6. Mahogany People - Heart Of Mine (Alumnists Remix)
7. Arnold Jarvis - Rising Into Joy (Vocal Mix)
8. Blaze & Palmer Brown - Shine (Shelter Club Mix)
9. Terry Callier - I Don't Want To See Myself (Kings Of Tomorrow Vocal Mix)
10. Guiro - Free (Original Mix)
11. Afro Medusa - Dreams (Problem Kids Vocal Mix)
12. Deepstar Feat. Donna Allen - Sugar (Sugar Vocal)
13. Alex Gopher With Demon Presents Wuz - Use Me (Etienne De Crecy Remix)

I can also recommend Euphoria Breakdown, I think it's called. Essential chilled out tunes on that one. Good luck anyway and keep away from that yellow snow young lady ha-ha :lol: !
Ibiza-girlie said:

Hmmm this discussion is turning into a weather conversation LOL*

Lol, sorry hon...........can't really help you on the chill-out side of things cos I'm not very good at chilling lol!

All I know is that my b/friend buys all the Cafe del Mar CDs so I assume they'll be releasing another one soon and for a different kind of chill have you got the Norah Jones album - gorgeous, chilling music.
some really laidback cds i would recommend...

Bugge Wesseltoft- New conception of Jazz
Susuma Yokota- Sakura
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
Boards of Canada- Music has the right to children
Marvin Gaye- Lets get it on
they aren't new, but timeless classics.

For more recent housier stuff try the Naked Music cds esp the Nude Dimensions cds & my fav cd of recent...
Blue Six- Beautiful Tomorrow
its for sure one of the better ones but I prefer vol 6...the one with Afterlife -Dub in ya´mind, the first chilltrack i heard ever....wauw!
rustywoo said:
check out the Salinas Sessions cd. my fave chill cd of last year.

Yeah Rusty, I'm with you on that; it's one of my favourite chillout cds of all time - it's brill...
Ibiza-girlie said:
ok I will definately do that....whats the full title of the CD?

It's a double cd called "The Salinas Sessions" mixed by Jon Sa Trincha...

It's a beautifully put together mix that totally captures that whole balearic beach vibe without any of those commercial Ibiza "Anthems" that you find on a lot of other chillout compilations. This is what the cover looks like...


You can find it on Amazon if you have trouble tracking it down - heres the link if you're interested...


Pure class :D