Whats this thing?



I got this given to me at the Ibiza airport, can someone please tell me what it is and what it does?


its not that big, about 4" long (the thing im talkin about)

i doubt its a sex toy its far 2 painful :eek:

I got it given from a proppa club, it has amnesia on the side and its also camel on the other side, and you can screw the silver ball off aswell
Is it solid or hollow or what? It's got Camel on it, does it look like a cigarette fit/attatches to it in any way??? :?: :?: :?:
Can you put stuff in the bigger tube? What happens when you twirl it above your head like a glow stick? Does it go off?
i got one of these at the airport too from the camel people - feck knows what it is though, it doesn't do anything!