What's the best time to arrive at We Love Sundays at Space?



This will be my third summer in Ibiza, but I'm ashamed to admit I've never been to Space before :oops: . I'm determined to go this year, almost certainly to We Love Sundays, but I don't think I can face going straight on from a club. So if I turn up later in the day, say the afternoon or eraly evening, am I missing out? What time should I get there by?
Mate u are in the same boat as me! My third time out there this year. I just never got round to it before, or prefered to go to other nights.

Will be there this year tho.
im gonna try to get there sometime between 3 and 6pm....the later i leave it, the more likely i'll be in a fit state for DC10!!!
This time around I'm planning on getting there in the late afternoon/early evening with a break to Bora Bora before heading back to Space.
Go earlyish have a boogie on the terrace, then get your wrist band that lets you leave and come back later, and spend the day at bora bora(which is rammed on sundays) and go back later that night to space. Top night and day 8)