What's Prividge Like?


first timer

I just got back, but unfortuneately I never made it to Privilidge. (I even had a free pass for Sat. 7th, ouch) How does the club in size, decour to Pacha or Space?
biggest club in the world, or maybe europe not quite sure

its called Privilege

you need to go there once, like you should do everything in life
no, it still doesn't look right. why don't we just call it by its original name "koo" then we can't go wrong?


ah, that's where the "d" went!

never been there, but its the biggest club in the world,i soppose it maybe like a aircraft hangers but more beautiful i think.
Privilege is an amazing place. Manumission Mondays were weird but the Essential Mix on Manumission Saturday was wikkid. The club itself put me in awe. The sheer size of it is spectacular. I especially love the dome. Great place to relax, get some air, meet cool people and enjoy the feeling of being in Ibiza. Wowzas...
But how does it compare in size to Space, and the lay out. I was bummed
I missed going there, just to check it out~
MTV held their Ibiza party there last year, so my advice is to find some footage and check that out. They had Faithless, Basement Jaxx, Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox to name but a few.

There's a link here with a few video extracts: www.mtv.co.uk/ibiza

Basically, you enter into a large hall or auditorium, more like a concert venue, with a stage at one end. There's also a pool in this room. The rest consists of much smaller annexes off the sides, so you can get a more intimate vibe there too.

Overall, I liked it at the MTV bash, but it was too bloody busy as usual. Although I think the change of venue from a race track to a 4000 capacity club last minute meant they had to crowd people in there. There was definately more than 4000 in there at a time.
well u had the free ticket unlucky u shoulda went i was there on the 7th it has an amazing atmosphere it truely lives up to its reputation because l've seen a club so big it has plenty of dance floors. and i pulled twice in there :lol: so it really was worth going for hahahaaa
I know I should of checked it out. I ended up a Pacha instead. And never made it back to Privilege. Oh well.
Privilege was amazing to see.....We went to manumission and it was way to packed to the point that u were being pushed in every direction....We got to see fat boy slim which was very cool!!!! When we got there, in line they handed us a map of the club......insane!!!! It's one of those things that u have to see at least once!!!
What are the other rooms like, and does anyone use the pool?
I used the pool... to get rid of my glasses after the ice had been used!!!

Most of it was covered up for the MTV party, so I don't know what the regular nights are like.

The other rooms are, quite simply just rooms. Nothing special. At the end of the day, it all depends what you put and play in them.