what's it like in October?

r many restaurants and bars likely to be open? i thought alot of stuff closed down around october time?! :?:
In Ibiza town you´ll find many good restaurants open in the old town.......shops and other stuff schould be open but it´s very low key - haven´t been myself, but ask Robo - he´s the expert o Ibiza off season, or Stephen perhaps as he lives there!
In ibiza town and santa euallia u wil find places open cos they are typical spanish, clubs that open are privillege and el divino and pasha, and few other small spanish ones, weather would be dodgy, but it would be a real nice tme to go. :)
"weather would be dodgy" replace would with could - I've been in mid October and had clear blue skies and temps in upper 70's for 12 out of 14 days - might be a bit chilly in the evenings though