What's hot and what's not?


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:?: I'm interested to know from people who've been on the island this summer if much has changed since last year. Tourist numbers are down - for instance, San An's supposed to have less people than usual.

Does that mean that some club nights are quieter than they were? Are there any new nights? Are prices still the same? Are people ignoring clubs and just hanging out at bars instead? Any other changes?

I'm a journalist going over at the end of next week, hoping to write something about how the Ibiza dance scene is affected by declining tourist numbers and changes in musical taste. I have set up interviews with various deejays and promoters, but it would be great to hear what ordinary clubbers think as well. :D
well....Things have really changed for Es Paradis - The club has DJ Sammy playing this year, and don´t really have anything huge to offer, compared to Cream with DJ Lineups like: Mauro Picotto, Seb Fontaine, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and Oakenford to mention a few....

Pacha is celebrating it´s 30´th birthday and Space is busy as usual with the best in the House genre. Eden still has the glowstick audience to grab on to and I can tell a difference from the first time I went in 2000 and till today, I believe a 40 % less audience was present last year, quite a lot if you ask me! It was noticable in the clubs as well as in the restaurants and bars - easy to get reservations and not tooo crowded - a shame really!

But the place will always have a special place in the true clubbers heart, wheither you like house, progressive, trance, dance or just like to have a good time out.

Ibizagirlie! ;)
Yes week for week this year is a lot less busy in the clubs than last. Last year people were complaining about lack of tourists which may have been true, but they all went to the clubs which were jammed full.

This year there seem to be a lot less "tourist clubbers" (the one that just come to see what all the fuss is about then leave at 3pm because they are tired.

The pure Pacha night on the Fri was much busier than the Def mix or Subliminal (Wed) nights and was still quite full when it shut at 8.30am! But in general the clubs have been just right. Not too full that you can't move which made most of them a nightmare untill 5am (when people started to leave) last year.

Cream was just about right this year compared to a shoulder squeezing nightmare last year.

Manumission took a few hours to get going and could have done with a few more people (again still better than being too busy as it has been for the last few years) but was really good to have dancing space and be able to get to the other side in less than an hour :)

Base bar and Ibiza town were fairly quiet too

Pinup was packed (but not to the point of discomfort)

In many way's it still busier than it was in the mid 90's and I preffer the numbers as they were by a long way. Sitting outside Cafe Del Mar with the other 30 people was a lot better than sharing it with 100's and countless other soundsystems!

Expect the numbers to grow as the season goes on though as now is early for most people.
Thanks for that reply. It was just the sort of detail I was looking for. I know it is early in the season, but the season seems to be getting shorter. That may be part of the problem - for the promoters and clubowners anyway.
I found all the clubs to be bit quieter this year for Openings compared to previous years but in a good way cos you had bit of room to dance. Opening of We Love Sundays was bit less busy that previous 2 years but when, second wk was slightly busier but still not as rammed as before.

Every night at Pacha was less busy than in previous years but I think that is to do with choice of nights on at Pacha this year, now that Underwater and Subliminal are split, a lot of people will choose to just do one or the other, the same with Ministry and Pure Pacha.

Ministry was not as busy as previous years but promoter wasn't expecting it to be cos they're losing the Friday night locals. Pure Pacha was busy on Fridays but nowhere near as busy as when Ministry used to have Friday night slot.

I think people are just being more selective where they go this year as when you look back how things have changed over the years the choice available this year is like never before.

Bora Bora was as busy every day as ever I saw it so I don't think numbers are necessarily down people are just being a bit more selective where they spend their money when it comes to the clubs.
Yeah last year at opening the clubs were busier than August in 1996. This year they were more like begining of July 1996. Like Barbie says there were quite a few more club nights this year and a few new venues in the mainstream so I think people are mainly just spread thinner on the ground. But the hotel wasn't quite as busy either so it's hard to judge overall.