On weekends there's Disco 2000, Dance Floor Chart and Partyzone, at least in Spain, but I don't like them specially. Too commercial for my liking.

In general MTV is quite a disgusting music channel.
The Underground is meant to be underground; no ifs, ands, or buts.
There is a radio station here which I absolutely can't stand because they tend to take good house tunes and play them out at least 100 times a day and it makes the people who really appreciate the music (like myself) get annoyed with a song that they actually really liked!!!
Here we are dominated by Hip Hop and R'n'B...I think they notice things like Ibiza and try to market it here when really the majority of people are not for it...Majority of people here (North America) want to have "bling" and all that crap that I really don't understand.
Our Underground scence was so much better when it wasn't marketed to screeching 16yr olds who just want to be into whatever the radio plays!!!
If you really love the music you'll know where to find it; that's what I say!!! :p
jamese75 said:
With parents appreciating dance, the average teenager has to find something ele to rebal with- ie, that noisy giutar sh*te racket.

Wow. So plodding about in a disco was rebellious, I never knew.

dj rebel

I'm gonnatakeupknitting - memamlikesthat
mtv in the states is all about pop and hip hop and tv shows.
Ibiza-girlie said:
how many festivals and trancey parties do Holland have?

I went to Maastricht a couple of weeks ago, and the cheesy bars all played Tiesto etc as well as the usual shit...which you just wouldn't get in Reading...rude boys bling bling wickid all the way i'm afraid
DJ Biff said:
jamese75 said:
With parents appreciating dance, the average teenager has to find something ele to rebal with- ie, that noisy giutar sh*te racket.

Wow. So plodding about in a disco was rebellious, I never knew.

dj rebel

I'm gonnatakeupknitting - memamlikesthat

Ah Biff. How I've missed your input.

Basically, my parents hate that repetitive bleepy stuff kids these days listen too. And the whole scene of drugs and excesses, so popularised by the media, is something that kids can use to stand up to their folks.

Yet now, those around in the late 80's are fully grown up, sprogs and all. Teenagers naturally rebel, in an effort to distinguish themselves as individuals- hence the revival of grunge/metal- probably the worst thing I could imagine my kids coming home with!

No matter how cool or trendy you are, when the time comes you find out that the world has changed, leaving you out in the cold, reminiscing about things that fewer and fewer people remember.

Now, for years, it was dance which overshadowed rock, providing a new underground for the kids to bury themselves into.

We've been seeing kids dressed in black, with Nirvana shirts for years now, and the nu-metal commercialisation has begun.

I reckon the two fields are pretty contrasting and will just continue to alternate as the media music of choice for years to come.

What say you Biff?
As usual j75, i haven't a clue what you're on about.

All I know is that when I announced to my father that I was going to be a beat poet he, sitting cross legged on the floor, wearing sandals, a beret and a goatee, put down his copy of 'On the Road,' turned down the volume on 'The Birth of Cool,' and said 'yeah, daddio.'

yeah it's exactly the same where i'm from. The media is dictating that kids can only like rnb/pop and inturn that is all that works in bars and clubs around here. really funks my off. the media is so overpowering these days that when most kids reach the age where they make decisions about what they like barely know that dance music extends further than Scooter. Gotta feel for ibiza-girlie. it's exactly the same here mate but i can at least get to a few good clubs with just an hours driving. Sounds like you need to leave your country completely to find anything decent but good on ya for sticking to your guns and at least you've got a real legoland over there in Denmark, I live just down the road from the rubbish UK replica and it doesn't compare at all, utter Pants so it is.
Dance music has become everything it started out trying not to be.

It's just sheep listening to the same defected/subliminal rubbish with the same big name 'DJ's' charging a fortune to hear the same records.

Or maybe I am just old and cynical.

But I find it harder and harder to hear decent music and not the usual c*rap glamour house that is in most clubs these days.
Here in Melburn town we have ONE independant radio station that plays all the stuff you would hear out in the clubs but it isn't funded by 'national' dollars so it's almost impossible to pick it up unless you live in the "cool areas" of this city.... :evil:

On the whole "commercial" issue of dance music....

I kinda used 2 get soooooo worked up about the fact that the VIBE (more so than the music which is an entire new topic 2 sink our teeth in2) has changed over the years but now I accept the fact that that's just the way it is.....

I mean if you look @ it..... I am sure ibiza USED 2b this haven 4 all those "old skool heads" 2 just go nuts .... however, now a majority of those same people who used 2 love ibiza for all it represented must look at it now and say it's "commercial" as a whole in comparison to all the "newbies" who just dont know any better..... It's all relative.....

(Did that make ANY SENSE whatsoever???) Opps....

****If you are in2 your music enough you will find the underground clubs and DJs that play quality shit.... You just have to know where to find it.... ;)
comin' at ya said:
Yes, I know exactly where to find it, there's just not much of it to be found.

yeah i hear you LOUD AND CLEAR comin' at ya.... & I TOTALLY get where you are coming from but instead of getting all shitty about it why not try and start a night urself with the music that YOU WANT TO HEAR?

i know it's kinda depressing @ times but unless more people like urself take an ACTIVE role in the scene as a whole then you are forever going 2b WAITING for someone else 2 do it for you & screw that!!!!

Be there, done that, bought decks & now I am happy again :twisted:
Just a thought anyways..... ;)
ED CASE said:
Exactly, it going back to underground. Thats a good thing in my eyes

Ditto that's the best way to much commercialisation is c r a p for dance music IMO :D