Whats happening in Amnesia on Tuesdays??


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Anyone any idea what is planned for Amnesia on a Tuesday night now, I take it all the Gatecrasher rumours were untrue? Oh if only we could bring back the GK nights :rolleyes:
LOl i know rob, still trying to find details on who is playing out at the events tho...

scoured the stereo roster & iberican 2002 roster but nothing yet - i'm thinking that they'll start in July - this must be mega-last minute stuff

i'm making this a definite to go to.

at the moment the fortnights looking like this

Sunday - We Love (lawler, zabiela, deep dish)
Wednesday - Subliminal (morillo, rivera, nunez)
Friday - Pure Pacha (tong, lawler, murk)
Tuesday - Iberican

still to see another couple of nights - something will no doubt catch my eye soon